Minos Handle and Furniture Accessories continues to grow rapidly in the sector with its expert team, modern designs, professional production and reliable trade.

All furniture handle & accessory needs of furniture manufacturers and hardware stores are produced and delivered quickly. Complete, trouble-free and fast delivery of the desired products is the most important issue.

Zamak Handle production, Stick Handle manufacturing, Aluminum Handle production, Porcelain and Polymer Handle manufacturing, Button and Pendulum production, Coat Rack Hanger productions are made with quality materials, modern equipment and professional workmanship. All stages of production are meticulously followed by our quality control team and flawless products are delivered to our customers.

Minos Handle and Furniture Accessories not only supply the handles it manufactures in Topçular, Istanbul to the domestic market, but also export them abroad quickly and without any problems. It makes us proud to see a Turkish brand being used in the world.